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Empowering Indigenous Women Entrepreneurs

The Indigenous Women’s Business Network is a non-profit, volunteer organization established to support and empower Indigenous women in British Columbia to succeed in business. We work under three pillars of support: networking & community, resources & knowledge, and recognition.

About Women in Business

About Indigenous Women in Business

Merritt Projec
  •  Women (69%) are more likely than men (55%) to be sole proprietors…


  • Indigenous women are starting businesses at double the rate of Canadian women


  • Providing effective support to Indigenous women-owned businesses requires attention to their unique attributes and priorities, as well as the specific barriers they face, such as lack of financial equity, lack of access to targeted training and networking support, and sometimes lack of confidence in their ability to succeed as entrepreneurs.


  • A lack of awareness is more often cited as a reason for not using government programs for Indigenous business…


  • Female entrepreneurs used internal funds (retained earnings) love money or credit cards most often, and tended to ask for smaller loans that carry higher interest rates when they sought outside capital.


  • In general, there are very few specific programs for financing SMEs owned by women in Canada…


  • Access to business development tools and capital that is targeted to these unique needs can enable small-scale entrepreneurs with limited resources to increase their incomes, build assets and reduce their vulnerability to unforeseen events.

- Excerpts from Strengthening Métis Women’s Entrepreneurship by Paul Hanley Consulting.

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