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Events & Workshops

Upcoming Events:

2023 Spring Speaker Series (Virtual)

Join us for a series of virtual webinars this Spring featuring a line-up of Indigenous women guest speakers presenting their experience as Indigenous entrepreneurs and professionals. Topics will vary from stories about their personal journey of entrepreneurship to more instructional topics about finance, marketing, and more.


All sessions are free to join. Registration required.


Sessions will be recorded but links will only be made available to current IWBN members after the session.


All workshops begin at 11:00AM PST and occur on Zoom.


Speaker Series Episode 1: May 16, 2023

Speaker: Jamie Wetrade - Stevenson, Jamie Stevenson Photography

Title: Mindful Entrepreneurship: Navigating Mental Health + Business 


Join Jamie and discover an inspiring talk about her personal journey balancing mental health and entrepreneurship. Jamie will get vulnerable and share her struggles with mental health while building and operating her business. She will discuss how to overcome barriers and use setbacks as opportunities for growth. Learn how mental health is not a linear path in entrepreneurship and gain valuable tips for building a business while prioritizing your well-being.

Register for Episode 1 here.

Speaker Series Episode 2: May 23, 2023

Speaker: Vanessa Lesperance

Title: Coming soon!


Talk description coming soon!

Register for Episode 2 here.

Speaker Series Episode 3: May 30, 2023

Speaker: TBC

Title: Coming soon!


Talk description coming soon!

Register for Episode 3 here. (Link coming soon)

Speaker Series Episode 4: June 6, 2023

Speaker: Kimberly Hiebert

Title: Your Silent Partner


The art of running your own business successfully does not come down to knowing the numbers, being the best salesperson or even going viral on Tik Tok, (although those things are helpful and in some cases a MUST) but the art of being successful, enjoying the pursuit of your dreams while making the impact you desire is actually understanding YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM..., or as I like to call it “YOUR SILENT PARTNER” It is actually the one thing that controls ALL decision-making…in life and business. In this session, I will share how FLIGHT, FIGHT, FREEZE, and FAWN impact you as a woman in business, and how you can implement strategies immediately to start reducing imposter syndrome, paralysis analysis, overwhelm and doubt so that you can build a business that supports the lifestyle you desire!

Register for Episode 4 here.

Speaker Series Episode 5: June 13, 2023

Speaker: Krystle Pelletier

Title: Business is a Journey


Business is a journey that begins with an idea. It requires some homework, a business plan, brand development, funds, support and for you to take a big leap of faith to move towards what you want. There will also be many ups and downs where you discover your strengths and weaknesses but you will also grow and build many new skills along the way.


Ms Pelletier will share her own business journey and experiences as an indigenous women in business. She will also share how she overcame personal barriers such as ADHD and dyslexia as well as raising a son with autism and still achieve her goals. The entrepreneurial process required her to write a business plan for the first time and also to acquire the resources she would need to make her business dream actualized. This also included working through the challenges that came with opening a new business during the height of the Covid 19 pandemic and the implementation of new restrictions.


Ms Pelletier has always been an advocate for inclusivity in the community and in business. She feels it’s important for your brand to represent your values and what you want people to feel when they encounter your business. It tells customers what they can expect and is your promise of what to expect. She will share how she has been able to incorporate these aspects into her business journey. Join Ms Pelletier to talk and to celebrate the Journey that starting and owning a business brings.

Register for Episode 5 here.

Speaker Series Episode 6: June 20, 2023

Speaker: TBC

Title: Coming soon!


Talk description coming soon!

Register for Episode 6 here. (Link coming soon)

2023 IWBN Retreat

Where: Clinton, BC Canada

When: October 26 - 29, 2023

More information coming soon!

2023 Indigenous Women's Gathering


Where: Kamloops, BC

When: TBC

More information coming soon!

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2019 Indigenous Women's Gathering - Merritt, BC - October 5, 2019

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