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About IWBN

About IWBN

The Indigenous Women’s Business Network was created to provide support and resources for female identifying Indigenous entrepreneurs assisting them to succeed in business.


We are a support network of new and mature business owners who provide networking, resources, training and recognition for women looking to get into business, or grow their current business.


We offer networking events, training sessions and online resources to all members. Annual membership is $50, while some events may charge a nominal fee to assist us in operating our events.

3 Pillars of Support

Network & Community


Establishing a network of support is critical for any business to succeed.


Traditionally, Indigenous culture has provided a network (community) of support, that many urban Indigenous women may have trouble establishing, or finding.


We are a group of women who understand how hard it can be to start a new business couple with an understanding of the cultural differences that can make it more difficult. Such differences may include understanding of non-Indigenous business ‘norms’ and different interpretations of economy and social enterprise.


Resources & Knowledge


There are a LOT of resources out there today for a budding entrepreneur or business owner. It can seem overwhelming to navigate the legitimacy of so many webinars, websites, podcasts, blogs, online classes, articles, books, etc.


Navigating available resources, and understanding them, can be complex and consume a lot of your time. Let us sort through all that for you and provide a library of helpful links and tried/tested resources we think you may enjoy.


We also have access to ancillary partners that provide support to businesses that would be happy to help out!




Beginning in 2022 we will be launching a formal recognition process for profiling and celebrating Indigenous women who have launched their business or succeeded in achieving their dream of owning a business.


Nominations will open later in 2021. Please stay turned for more details!

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